Alps Romance Lodging in Bavarian Leavenworth, WA ~Escape to Romance~
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On this page, Alps Romance Lodging has attempted to answers many of the questions that have been presented over the years.  Please contact us if you have additional questions.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Bed and Breakfast?

        Alps Romance Lodging is a small lodge to accommodate the romantic amenities and privacy that is afforded to our guests and is not a bed and breakfast. 


What size are the beds? 


        All rooms have a queen bed with a memory gel-foam mattress. 


We have heard that you are strict regarding the rules and the enforcement of the rules.  Is this true?

       Yes, we are strict regarding the rules and swift with the enforcement of the rules.  This is due to the nature of Alps Romance Lodging as guests come to relax and enjoy a peaceful environment for their romantic getaway.  Full adherence to the rules is expected to allow all guests to enjoy the peaceful ambiance of their romantic experience.  


Since there is privacy, can we smoke or bring children or pets into the room since no one will 'find out'?

        Under no circumstances, are pets and smoking (including medical marijuana) of any kind allowed anywhere on the property.  Violations will require that the guests lose the privilege of completing their stay at the Alps Romance Lodging and will forfeit all fees associated with the reservation.  Additionally, a fee of $250.00 will be assessed to sanitize the room.  


Can we bring our infant?

        Sorry.  To ensure that all of our guests have a romantic and peaceful experience at the Alps Romance Lodging children of all ages are not permitted.


What size is the hot tub and do we have to share the hot tub?

        The hot tub is a full size hot tub.  You do not have to share the hot tub as each room has it's own hot tub in it's own gazebo with privacy curtains.  Hot tubs are located 28 feet away from each other.


Is the hot tub located inside or outside?

        Hot tubs are located outside and each is located in its own gazebo.  Guests have consistently expressed their enjoyment of having their own private hot tub as well as finding the gazebo to be romantic. 


Can we bring bubble bath for the hot tub?

        Unfortunately no, as that changes the chemistry of the water which then requires that the hot tub be completely drained and the water re-heated which requires a full 2 days to reheat.  Chlorine is used as a sanitizer for the hot tubs and guests with chlorine sensitivity should not use the hot tub.


Where is the Infrared Sauna located?

        Each room has it's own Infrared sauna located inside each room.  This also affords significant privacy.  The sauna is a wonderful experience that guests enjoy after a day of shopping, hiking, or skiing.


Can we bring friends with us so they can use the facilities/amenities?

        Unfortunately no.  All of the amenities are for the guests only.


Can we play music in the room?

        To ensure a noise-free atmosphere for all guests, music of any kind or at any level is not permitted anywhere on the property.  


Do you offer coffee?

        Yes, each room has a Keurig coffee brewing system.


How far are the shops from Alps Romance Lodging?

        The beginning of the shopping experience is located 3 blocks from Alps Romance Lodging and guests can walk to the shops, restaurants, and most activities.


Are there grocery stores nearby?

        Safeway is located approximately 1 mile from Alps Romance Lodging. 


Are there video stores nearby?

        There is a small library of movie videos in each room.  Safeway also offers video rentals.


Is there a movie theater located in Leavenworth?

        The closest movie theater is located 25 miles east of Leavenworth. 


Is there parking available for the guests?

        Yes, there is free parking.  Each room has one parking spot.


What are the sizes of the rooms?

        The rooms are identical and are of average size.  The exact measurements of the rooms are:  Main room is 12'6" x 18'1" and the full bathroom is 4'10" x 12'6".  The rooms are approximately 291 square feet.


What are the views from each room?

        Leavenworth is located in a small valley in the mountains.  Mountains surround the lodge giving each room territorial mountain views.


Will we see any wildlife during our stay?

        Wildlife is abundant at the Alps Romance Lodging.  We have deer and bear that frequent the lodge.  The deer nibble on the flowers and the bear likes to use the small front pond and fountain as it's own bathtub with a built-in shower (fountain).  The bear usually splashes quite a bit of water outside of the pond.  The deer are more active during the day and the bear will only appear during the night when it is sure that humans are not outside.  The bear has an incredible sense of smell and avoids areas where humans are present.


~ We have tried to answers as many questions as we could think of and provide our guests with information that they may want to know.  If you have a question that is not listed, please ~